What the hell is Carollainy, man?


Carollainy is the alter ego of Carolina Alves de Souza. She loves drawings, animation, photography, design, and especially the places we can find it: museums and galleries. When two or more of this things are mixed it’s like paradise for her. She believes that analogue things are much better than digital, and believe me, if you spend at least 2 minutes with her, she will try to make you believe in that too.

She appears most of times when Carolina travels, when she has free time in internet and when she’s inside a photobooth.

Carolina has a nice relationship with her alter ego. And actually, I’m not sure wich one of them wrote this text.


*The tittle “Carollainy” is a joke, meant to be a brazilian stagy writing for the english pronuciation of the name Carolina – commonly written in Brazil with the end “a” while in english the most common is with the end “e”, that’s why it end’s with “y”. It’s realy important to state here that that’s not how native english speakers say my name ;).  The writing ilustrates a childhood fact: people used to call me singing the “Caroline” line on the song Roses by Outkast. But I am not even close to the Caroline’s attitude in the song, I swear!

Portuguese IPA: kah-rŏ-nah

English IPA: karuh-lahyn
Instagram: carolinathroughthelensglass