Back in the game

Sorry for the long time i’ve been far from here. I was travelling and collecting more experiences (or mistakes as Oscar Wilde used to say). But I came back full of news for you :).

First of all. This summer in Nice, it’s happening the “Un été pour Matisse”, a big exhibition that involves 8 museums or galleries. It definitely worth.


There, you can get to know the work of Matisse from close. You can see what he has done, what people influenced by him has been doing and you can see Nice from a different perspective.


I could visite two spaces from the Culturespaces Foundation. All of which very well organized. The two of then were at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, with all the charm and history that they could carry.

Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild
Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild

From the Côte d’Azur straight to Paris,

I could check out the Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Une rétrospective’ exhibition on Centre Pompidou.



of course that as I was there on Pompidou, I couldn’t lose again the chance of buying my Stenoflex that I dreamed so much!


As soon as I get the first results I’ll post here!

…There are many other things to say, but I’ll post little by little. ;)


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