The Camera Club

Can you think what do you feel when you realise that something that you really want actually exists?? That’s what I felt when I first read about The Camera Club.

It’s quite far from me once that it’s in London. But it’s been a long time I’ve been asking myself why don’t we have darkrooms for rent. I even though of opening one of these. I mean, when you have a camera, like a lomo Spinner 360° and live in my city, you cannot develop it. First because the only place you still can develop film, they cut your developed film to put on that plastic thing and later they scan in a digital machine to print it.

Anyway. The Camera Club is a place for photographers. You can rent studios, darkrooms (and the chemicals) and other facilities. But this is only for members (you pay a fee  per year to be a member). I think that if you have the chance, go for it and share with me the experience)



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