Develop It Yourself

It’s a tip from Lomography.

Tools needed:
  • Naniwa color kit N
  • liquid thermometer 
  • clips
  • sponge
  • stirrer
  • LPL developing tank, reel
Step 1
Prepare the the color developing liquid and the bleach fixing solution and place it in a container.
Step 2
Take the film roll that you want to develop and place it in the developing tank reel. Take note that you need to do this in a darkroom. When you have closed the top of the tank, you can already work in a lighted area.
Step 3
You have to keep the color development liquid at 32℃. Pour the liquid into the tank and use the stirrer to mix the solution. Stir the solution slowly and knock the bottom of the tank once in a while to get rid off the air bubbles. Do this for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, pour out the development liquid back in its container.
Step 4
Pour the bleach fixing solution into the container. Do the same procedure as you did with the previous step but this time, do it for 6 minutes. Afterwards, pour out the bleach fixing solution back to its container.
Step 5
You can now remove the film roll from the reel. Gently take the roll and wash it under running water. Wipe it down softly with a sponge and use the clips to hang it up to dry.”

The only place I found for shopping the Naniwa Color kit N was this one. ( shipping to almost everywhere)


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