Pinhole at Camera Obscura – Edinburgh

If there’s a place I recommend in Edinburgh, it’s the Camera Obscura. A really cool place to spend some time!! Each floor is one theme and on the top floor you can see THE camera obscura. The Camera Obcura is something like a small mirror on the top of the roof, that reflex inside the chamber, as you move the mirror, you can see everything that is going out the chamber, something a little bit voyeur. I couldn’t take picture of that (actually I was so entertained that I forgot about it. It show us how a camera actually words (I remmember of doing a homemade camera obscura on my high school, I did a supersized one in a big box, while my friends were making in tin cans…

But if you go there, you cannot miss the pinhole area. It’s not that much about pinhole, but it has a “chamber” you go inside and you see a relation between the camera obstura with the “taking a photography”, there’s also a few pinhole cameras that makes you lose some time. And as the rest of the building, you can interact with that, and take funny pictures.

To see more Camera Obscuras around the world… here comes the tip.. I hope I’ll visit all of them so then you will know all about it.


2 thoughts on “Pinhole at Camera Obscura – Edinburgh

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