There’s something that I think it’s really cool, it’s “kiri” – To cut “kami” – paper. It’s when you transform something 2D in 3D (just like the origami). But don’t know why I never did one… I mean, a simple one.

Here it’s some of complicated kirigamis that I found in the internet:

By Ingrid Siliakus

By Ingrid Siliakus

This one is from MUJI (and I have it) =)

by Yumi Tashiro

When I do my own, I’ll post here. ;)

(if you know to who i should put credits, please comment ;)


6 thoughts on “Kirigami

    • Hi,

      Sorry, the images about kirigami, I found in the internet on google images, so that’s why I couldn’t put the credits. But if you know whose is this imges, I appreciate if you tell me ;)
      if you have a website with the source, i can put ass well.

      thank you.

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