Let’s talk bout: All type

The point is… you say what you want to say only with words, but sometimes there’s no need to read a single one. As the name says… it’s all type!

This one is very special, ’cause I did it… for my studies, last year:

It’s in Portuguese, but I can translate for you: “You have no clue about your bag’s brand in this whinter, any idea?”

was about a flip flop brand, very know here, in Brasil. So… that’s the idea. I’ll not say the name because that was just for the exam. But I guess you know what I mean.

And… here it is my brand-new work (which the superior did cut this of the hole material to do. so I finished by myself)

It’s for a paper rubbish bin. Each face says how the recycling of the paper help to not spend water, light and trees. The last side says what not to bin. Here it is:


If you like a well done All Type… this site is an excellent work.

well… this is it.



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